CorrPak takes a sustainable, cost-effective approach to structural, industrial, and alternative packaging products.

We offer various packaging solutions, including paper-based braces, cases, pallets, and dividers.

Each solution is engineered to meet your specific packaging needs.

Mark Wright

Co-Founder, and President

Mark is a Co-Founder and President of DJAM Capital. He is also the President and CEO of CorrPak, a DJAM Capital Company. Before this, Mark held various positions in various industries, including Chief Operating Officer, Director of Operations, and Corporate Manager of Process Control. Mark earned his MBA from Oklahoma City University’s Meinder School of Business and his undergraduate degree from Bowling Green State University.

Adam Slusher, Co-Founder

Co-Founder, and VP of Strategy

Adam is a Co-Founder of DJAM Capital. He is also the VP of Strategy at CorrPak, a DJAM Capital Company. Before this, Adam has experience with founding, growing, and exiting a previous business. Following this exit, Adam was the Sales Coordinator for CorrLoc at Kamps Pallets before acquiring CorrPak.

Dan Gibson

Member and VP of Product Development

Dan is a member of DJAM Capital and the Vice President of Product Development at CorrPak, a DJAM Capital Company. Dan is the founder and inventor of CorrLoc, leads the product innovation and design teams, and brings 19 years of experience in packaging engineering and management. Other responsibilities include the integration of design and production and production improvements and driving efficiencies on manufacturing.